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Last nights dream...

Posted by FoXcatO - July 29th, 2008

I had a spirit in the shape of a fox as a companion. At first everything was well, but then I came to realise that the spirit was slowly trying to kill me. I then drowned it in a lake. I thought it was over, but then the spirit took over my aunts body. She had drowned in the same lake the very same day. My whole family was happy she had come back to life, and I couldn't convince them that it wasn't really her, but that evil spirit in disguise. Then she/the spirit touched me and I knew that I was doomed. In the end I saw all my friends turn into statues and slowly crumble before my eyes.
I wasn't feeling very well when I woke up this morning...

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wow that was a very bad dream but dont worry its over i had a really bad dream once very scary and remember in your dreams you control your dreams! you can change them!

I never pay much attention to my weird dreams. I have millions of em.

My dreams are never really as controlled as yours. nor do I usually remember them/see them in my sleep. Then I only remember a few key points. Really weird stuff. Back on topic, That's a pretty weird dream, as all dreams are, kinda a bad one, to. It's so much easier to get scared and freaked out in a dream than it is in consciousness.

Maybe it was something you ate. Or the dream affected your psyche.

Try to have a good day sir.

Luckily today turned out to be pretty good even though I had that dream...

Extremely interesting!! You should make a flash animation about it. Maybe its supose to mean something.?.

Very odd dream. Not all of us have the same interpretation of what our dreams mean. I wonder what you think it means. Possession and the corruption of common objects, in this case friends and family suggests usually a change in someones life that seems to go against old information. I dunno. What do you think?

I wish I could remember more of my dreams, even if they're as weird or as bad as that one.

Nightmares are my favorite dreams.

I used to have repeated dreams of running away from "them", whoever they were.
As I ran, my legs started to fail me, as if they were too heavy for me to move them. Eventually I fell on the ground, only to see a photo of my father by the white sidewalk, as they came to get me. I'd always wake up at the moment they'd reach me.

Dreams are so interesting, a great source for criativity. All heil Neil Gaiman.

Dude your dreams are as the same level of bad as mine no wait.. I thinks mine are as fucked up as yours once I dreamed that the inside of pepole's foot were full of macroni, yeah i'm not joking then I was crushed by a pink elephant!! god what the fuck has gotten over me??
I dont know how these nightmares came from it just sorta happends.

I had a dream last night in which Richard Nixon was ordering me to sleep with some very ugly tall Asian prostitute twins in order to get finish my degree in university, but I didn't do it because I didn't want to cheat on my girlfriend and he failed me.

wow I had a lot of scary dreams but that is just werid

I once dreamt I was stuck in a Victorian-era time period and was trapped at the top of a giant tower while it was falling over.

That sounds rather spooky....

I had a dream that I was playing a game with a father and his son hugging in fear from a guy for vomit as his head and I zoomed out of the game and a rhino and an elephant in business suits were asking me how I liked the game.

But that was 9 years ago.

I always used to have dreams about my totem animal killing me. A red wolf, if you care. Turns out that this one night, I followed her, and I saw her kill my at-the-time best friend. Two weeks later, my best friend stabbed me in the back and fairly abandoned me. I think the wolf side of me saw it coming. So yeah; don't ignore stuff like this, even if the day went well. Your subconcious might be trying to show you something you can't see yet. Good luck. :)

Dreaming is something I enjoy quite a bit. I keep a dream log and have logged several dreams. This is a spooky and interesting dream you had. It would be nice to see it in another flash like Chinaberry Tree. :)

This reminds me of a dream I had once.