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I'm not dead peeps.. atleast not that I know of anyway..

2007-07-24 10:49:13 by FoXcatO

Hi Fellow-NGers^_^
So.. I realise I've been gone for an awful long time for a lot of different reasons.. but..
I can tell You guys and gals that I've finally on my way back.. yes.. yes indeed.. Ive got some new stuff in the works^_^(whether this is a good or a bad thing is up to You to decide)

Like Paper Cuts I've been working on this film for quite some time.. so far I'm very pleased with it.. if everything goes well it'll be finished very soon..

Chinese Gun(Working Title) This little baby is still in it's early stages of scripting and storyboarding.. It is going to be a pretty silly movie once done.. a bit like "Northern Times" if any of You remember that one..

Wing(Working title) A short, simple and sweet movie.. once done that is.. the script is done.. work on storyboard is to begin very soon..

Frosty Waves 3rd instalment in my series of collections of shorts.. one and a half short movie done for it so far.. it's going to contain a total of 4 shorts once completed..

That's about it I think..
See ya in the portal


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2007-07-24 17:28:44

4 new cartoons! cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait

FoXcatO responds:

I'm glad to hear that^_^


2007-08-09 12:25:33

Hurry up man! Can't wait! :D