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FoXcatO's News

Posted by FoXcatO - August 15th, 2012

Happy Clock Day everyone!
Today we celebrate 11 years of B. Holy crap huh guys?
This year I went a little overboard and made not one but two flashes for the event.
Check them out HERE and HERE!

I also did a bit of stuff for a couple of fantastic collabs:

Turn Back The Clock

Pass The Cash

You should really check them out cause a lot of great people did parts for them.

New movies submitted for Clock Day

Posted by FoXcatO - February 1st, 2012

I got my bachelor in character animation a few days ago, which is super awesome!

As part of my final exam I was to make a short animated film together with 3 other students. I was director and animator on the film which consists of 3d-animated characters projected onto photos of hand crafted sets. I'm very proud of this movie and I'll have you know that if you'd be interested in watching it you can do so if you follow THIS LINK.
I hope you'll enjoy.


Bachelor-film: Wing

Posted by FoXcatO - December 4th, 2011

I've uploaded my new flash to the portal, and it's even more silly than I hoped it would be.
So if you're in the mood for some silly, I suggest you go have a look right HERE

I hope you have fun with it and stuff!

New Movie: Monster Stuff

Posted by FoXcatO - November 11th, 2011

... Is an awesome track with a phat fucking beat! I suggest you go listen to it this instant. In other news I haven't died just yet. In fact I'm working on something new right now. It's quite different from anything I've done before though, but that is OK.
I haven't really been doing any serious flash this year, a part from that Antlers-thing maybe. The reason is that I've been doing these dark flashes with serious tones for years now, and by now I'm starting to get sick of it. So I've decided to start doing more light-hearted stuff and try out a more loose style of animation. With this change of pace I also once again realize just how much fucking fun animation really is!
I also I think I should mention that some nice guys did a review of my latest submission, Hello. If you care to read it you can go HERE to do so.

Just know that the review is in german though.

I guess that's all for now. I shall return in December with a new flash called Monsterstuff.
I shall leave you guys with a picture of Luffy doing his Gear 2nd-thing


Left Hand Suzuki Method...

Posted by FoXcatO - August 15th, 2011

Happy Clock Day everyone.
This HERE is my contribution.
It's pretty experimental but everyone loves experimental stuff, amiright? Seriously though, I used all sorts of weird tricks to make this. Pixelation, frame by frame-animation, clay and homemade sprites just to mention a few. Watch and have fun.

Antlers for Clock Day

Posted by FoXcatO - January 1st, 2011

Hello to you,
I hope you all made it through the holidays and New Years Eve with all eyes and limbs intact.
Besides being the first day in 2011 this day is also the first in the Clock Crew's Flash Flood event which takes place all through out January.
I don't have as much time to make flash-movies as I used to but I've decided to try and find time to contribute at least a little to this event.
I'm going to list my contributions in this post as they come along.

The first one is a little thing I worked on over the holidays. There isn't much to say about it, other than I really enjoyed making it.
The second one is one I've been working on and off on this fall. I know I've touched upon the subject it adresses before, but I kinda owed it to a friend to come back to it.
The third one is also the third part of a series of Short movies I started working on last year. It is VERY experimental and therefore probably not for everyone.
The fourth one is based on a comic I drew a couple of years ago. It might seem like it's just about a stone but actually there is more to it if you take a closer look.
The fifth is about PortfolioClock.

Happy New Year

Don't Wait, Jeremiah

Cold Hands Episode 3

Augen Gneiss


Happy New Year Ya'll

Posted by FoXcatO - August 15th, 2010

Hello Fellow-NG'ers,

I would like to wish you all a Happy Clock Day, and would also like to
have you know that I've just uploaded my humble CONTRIBUTION to the portal.
I've spend most of the summer working on this film, and so I hope you'll find it dandy and enjoyable.


New Film: "Inside Out" and Clockday

Posted by FoXcatO - April 24th, 2010

Just submitted my latest film, Drown to the portal.
I think this is one of my most personal projects to date.
If you feel like it you can watch it HERE


New film: Drown

Posted by FoXcatO - April 23rd, 2010

Hello Everyone.
Posting to let you know that I just submitted THIS to the portal. I actually finished it back in December 09, but since it originally was supposed to be the official music video for the song it features, I didn't want to submit it to NG before the band decided it was time. However they decided to use another video and to stop existing as a band, and I decided it was time to submit it.
I hope you'll like it:)


New Animation: Dragonfly

Posted by FoXcatO - February 27th, 2010

Hello folks. Just letting you know that I've uploaded the 2nd of my 4 new shorts.
This one is not AS experimental as the first one. However this is (I believe) my first submission that doesn't have any music in it but instead uses sound FX. So in that case you could say that it's pretty experimental. For me at least.
go HERE to have a look.


New Film: The Lighthouse