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FoXcatO's News

Posted by FoXcatO - December 25th, 2008

Hello everyone. Just wanted to wish you a merry christmas and update you all a bit on what's going on these days.
I haven't had nearly as much time to animate this year as I would have liked to... but stuff is coming next year I promise.
Here is a short list of some of the first stuff that is going to come your way in the new year:

Like Poetry - My current project... it's turning out to be quite good I think. It's about 90 % done by now. I was originally aiming for a December-release but I'm afraid I wont make it in time... however it WILL be out in January - 09 I promise.

Drown - is storyboarded and about 20 seconds of it are done so far. It's very unlike anything I've done before, but I think it'll turn out neat.

Watch This Space - Collaboration with my dear friend, Nashua. It's going to consist mostly of photographies we've taken and manipulated and cut with scissors and stuff. We've even thought of building some of the backgrounds for it irl, which I think would add something unique to it.

By the way, this is how my 3d-character from my last post turned out:



Posted by FoXcatO - November 11th, 2008

Last night I dreamt of seas and mermaids and this morning I woke up to yet another rainy day.
I'm a 2D-guy but little by little I'm beginning to realize the potential in 3D. Maya isn't being as much a bitch as she used to so that helps a little too.
Each and every bit of free time I have is spent with Flash, and Like Poetry is coming along nicely. I've almost finished 2 minutes of it by now and am aiming to have it ready for release early in December.
I've also finished storyboards for a couple of other cartoons that I hope to release early next year.
That's basically it for now I guess.


Update on My Filmstuff And Other Things

Posted by FoXcatO - September 18th, 2008

Hello everyone.
It seems autumn is upon us again.
I started my education about 4 weeks ago and if all goes well I'll be a CG Artist about three and a half years from now.
Besides all that I'm working on some new filmstuff.
The name of the filmstuff I'm working on is going to be "Like Poetry" . Hopefully I'll be able to finish this in a couple of months, even though I don't have anywhere near as much free time on my hands as I used to.
Before I leave ya'll to go work on my new movie, here is a little picture I made to celebrate autumn.


Posted by FoXcatO - July 29th, 2008

I had a spirit in the shape of a fox as a companion. At first everything was well, but then I came to realise that the spirit was slowly trying to kill me. I then drowned it in a lake. I thought it was over, but then the spirit took over my aunts body. She had drowned in the same lake the very same day. My whole family was happy she had come back to life, and I couldn't convince them that it wasn't really her, but that evil spirit in disguise. Then she/the spirit touched me and I knew that I was doomed. In the end I saw all my friends turn into statues and slowly crumble before my eyes.
I wasn't feeling very well when I woke up this morning...

Posted by FoXcatO - July 20th, 2008

It's been a while..
Indeed it has. This film is what I have spend the last 3 months of my life on.
It's reeaally experimental and odd so if that's your cup of tea I suggest you go have a look;)



Then I Run

Posted by FoXcatO - January 20th, 2008

Hello all and a (very) belated happy new year to you.
Just a short update on how things are going these days.
Everything has been quite hectic these past couple of months as I have just moved to a new city and have started on a new school. Lots of preparation and packing and stuff. But now it seems things are getting a bit calmer around here.
This means i have gotten more energy and time to make some new filmstuff. And so I have begun working on a film with the working title `The Beatuful TailĀ“
I cannot say much about it yet as it is still quite sketchy and rough But I think it's going to be rather grand.
I guess that's it for now.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Posted by FoXcatO - December 28th, 2007

A couple of months ago I submitted the 3rd instalment in my series of collections to the portal. Coffee Break was in this 3rd collection among two other films. I gathered from the reviews I got for it though that people would have loved to see Coffee Break submitted on its own. So I've decided to do that. In case anyone's interested they can go here to watch it:



Coffee Break...

Posted by FoXcatO - December 24th, 2007

Hey folks.
First off I would like to wish you a happy Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukkah or whatever you guys and gals celebrate:)
I would also like to let you know that I have submitted my latest project to the portal. It was made with the aid of my dear friend, Nashua. It's a very experimental piece of work.
If you wish to rest your weary eyes and ears upon it go here to do so:


I hope it is liked.

The Air We Breathe

Posted by FoXcatO - November 11th, 2007

Hiya all You lovely people.
I submitted a little something for your eyes and ears to feast upon^__^



A Few Sundays in October submitted to the portal

Posted by FoXcatO - August 25th, 2007

Like Paper Cuts is out.
Go watch it:

LPC Uploaded